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Great Savings, Buy It, and Bank It!

Radiant Bodysculpting & Aesthetics present our

12 Days of Christmas Daily Deal Specials for 2021

on our most popular

face and body treatments and products. 

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Starting Monday, December 13th, and running through December 24th, you will have an opportunity to take advantage of the daily deals with amazing savings on our most popular face and body treatments and our body and skincare products.

We want to reward our loyal clients and show you how much we appreciate you this Christmas. 

Each day we will announce and offer a limited amount of treatment specials and/or treatment package specials available at spectacular savings.

Once all the special treatments and/or packages are sold, they will no longer be available. 

Make sure to check your emails and come back here to see the specials. 

These specials make great gifts too! Gift Certificates are available. 

To purchase the specials each day please text our office at 949.885.8911 and we will confirm your order. 


DAY 1                  DECEMBER 13TH

Purchase a Custom Facial and get a Luscious Winter Lip Treatment for FREE!  ($35 value) 


This luscious winter lip treatment is a perfect addon to any facial. Get rid of dry, chapped skin while hydrating and plumping up the lip area. We use a combination of exfoliation and hydration with our diamond tip microdermabrasion wand, lip cupping, and deep hydration mask. 


Custom Facial on sale today for only $150 (reg. $185) plus receive a Free Luscious Winter Lip Treatment Free (reg. $35). 


Free lip treatment must be used at the time of facial service. 

Only 10 Specials Available   

Call 949.885.8911 today to purchase. 

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DAY 2                     DECEMBER 14TH 

The BioSlimming Body Wrap is an award-winning body wrap and anti-cellulite product packed full of essential oils, active plant, and algae ingredients paired with caffeine to help, firm, and tone the skin plus release fatty deposits under the skin, dramatically decreasing the appearance of cellulite by 47%.


98% of women saw dramatic improvement of the "orange peel" skin with a reduction of cellulite in just two weeks.   

Now you can try our most popular body wrap at the lowest prices of the year

On Sale Today - Buy One at $200 and get the second one FREE. $200 Savings!

Stock up because a series of 6 is recommended to come in once a week for maximum results. 

Pair it with our fat-busting technology, ultrasonic cavitation, or radiofrequency for even greater results. Add one of these technologies to your body wrap. 

Only $50 addon (reg. $110) 

Only 10 Specials Available

Call or text our office at 949.885.8911 to purchase. 

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DAY 3                     DECEMBER 15

True Microcurrent is the only current that will reeducate muscles of the face. It works by mimicking the facial musculature's own electrical current which is an ideal condition for safe and effective lifting and toning. 

Our Microcurrent MYO Lifting Facial not only addresses the superficial layers of the skin it also lifts sagging muscles, increases circulation, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to give you a more youthful appearance with lasting results. 

The benefits of microcurrent are accumulative and typically performed in a series of six or more depending on the severity of muscle loss.  

On Sale Today. Lowest prices of the year.

$140 per session in a package of 6

(Reg. $200 per session) 

Series of 6 - $840 (Reg. $1200)

$360 Savings 

10 Specials Available 

Call or text our office at 949.885.8911 to purchase. 

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DAY 4               DECEMBER 16

When it comes to body contouring the first thing most people think about is getting rid of the belly fat and tightening up sagging skin on the belly. 

However, the arms especially the upper arms often get saggy as we age. You've probably heard the term "batwings", that flapping skin under the arms. Plus for some, losing fat in the upper arms is especially difficult. 

There is a solution and we call it our Tighten and Tone Arm Contouring Treatment.


We use Radio Frequency energy to tighten and tone upper arms. When applied directly to the skin, the temperature is gradually increased to safely heat the subcutaneous skin tissue.  


The action of deep tissue heating increases the body's metabolic breakdown of fat cells in the superficial fat layer.  At the same time, a vacuum mechanism is applied to intensify the treatment and facilitate deeper penetration of heat.  This action stimulates lymphatic drainage and enhances the elasticity of the skin layers. 

We're excited to have this treatment as part of our 12 Days of Christmas Daily Deals. The lowest price of the year!

Get 3 Treatment Package for Only $249

Reg. $330

10 Special Available

Call or text our office at 949.885.8911 to purchase.

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DAY 5                    DECEMBER 17

Who wants a tighter, firmer butt with less effort? Well, now you can with our Bio Sculpt machine. Amazing technology that uses high-intensity electromagnetic energy to stimulate the muscles. The machine’s electromagnetic energy goes deep into the butt muscle and forces it to contract intensely.


As its works, the treatment also helps to eliminate excess fat in the surrounding area so that your butt can lift more prominently. 

This treatment will strengthen your butt muscles to tone, lift, and firm in just 30 minutes, only four treatments, two times per week. 

On Sale during our 12 Days of Christmas Daily Deals

$250 per session in a package of 4 - $1000  $800 Savings 

(Reg. $450 per session) 

10 Specials Available

Call or text our office 949.885.8911 to purchase

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DAY 6               DECEMBER 18

Skin laxity and the ‘droopy’ effect under the jaw and the chin area are usually associated with the aging process or with being overweight. 

The problem is that a double chin is very hard to hide, and this part of your body acts as a frame for the face. As a result, having a layer of fat here can be very disconcerting.

Did you know there are non-surgical ways to eliminate the unsightly waddle under your chin? 

Our Double Chin Reduction Treatment is one of our most popular treatments. We combine tried and true technology like radio frequency, ultralift, and vela slim. These technologies are designed to tighten the skin and reduce fat.

A series of 6 or more treatments are recommended. 

Come try this amazing treatment now on sale during our 12 Days of Christmas Daily Deals

$100 per session in a package of 6

Reg $185 per session

Total package price- $600

$510 Savings 


Call or text our office to purchase at 949.885.8911

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