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Self Care is a priority, not a luxury.

Aging gracefully,weddings, dating, vacations, photoshoots, hiding imperfections.


These are some of the greatest drivers for adding a few enhancements to your self-care regime.

After your body sculpting and during your facial rejuvenation treatments, add our Ultimate Body Wrap to enhance your results. 

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Ultimate Body Wrap

Living is a stressful world can cause havoc on our skin and body. Inches and loose skin seem to appear overnight. 

Try our Body Wrap that will not only help you relax but will also help you lose extra inches around your trouble areas. We use a high-quality herbal solution which is absorbed through the pores to the fatty areas of the body via inter-cellular osmosis. Once absorbed, the solution will allow the fat cells to release toxins into the body’s natural waste removal system (the lymphatic system).


  • Lose Inches  

  • Tone & Tighten 

  • Smooth & Softer  Skin

  • Extend and Enhance Results Of Body Sculpting Treatments

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