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Fall Into Fabulous 

Trick Your Wrinkles & Your Fat
& Treat Your Face and Body 

With our Fall Into Fabulous 

Fleek Face and Body Treatments 

October Specials

Fleek Face Renewal 

Face & Body Makeover...............................$299

Approximately 60 minutes


  • One Customized Express Exfoliating Facial

  • One Customized Bodysculpting Treatment - you choose one area

  • One Lipo Sculpt treatment

  • All three treatments are to be performed in the same session

Firm & Glo Pumpkin Face or Body Facial - $199

Smooth, soften, and revitalize your face or body with this advanced radio frequency treatment using the nostalgic scents and active ingredients of pumpkin, cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg that will warm your heart and body, while buttery brown sugar scrub and shea butter will leave your skin decadently soft and moisturized! 

Fall Facial Rejuvenation
Clinical relaxing facial

October Facial Specials

Dermaplaining Facia...................................$150 (reg. $185) 

Few things make you feel more confident and attractive than having a smooth, sexy complexion. This Dermaplaning facial uses an extremely fine, sterile, surgical-grade scalpel to gently scrape the surface of your skin, removing layers of dead skin, oils, and fine hairs. We combine it with our double cleanse, exfoliation process, hydrating mask and nourishing serums. 

Radio Frequency Add-on ..........................$99 (reg. $200)

​Radio Frequency uses heat to stimulate collagen to help improve skin texture and tone. If you have loose skin on your body and or face, add this technology to any body sculpting treatment or facial. Not only will it help you lose more body fat, but it will also help to take that sagging appearance away too. 

Dr. Tiffany 
October Specials

Boo-Tox $50 Off or Free Lip Flip or Bank $75 for Next Visit

Bring yourself and a friend who hasn't been to our spa, each purchase 40 units of Botox or you can choose Xeomin, Dysport or any other neurotoxin

  • Each gets $50 off applied to this visit

  • Or a Free Lip Flip

  • Or bank $75 for your next visit.

Vampire- Microneedling Facial..................$700 each. (reg. $800) 


  • Includes a Free Gold Standard IV Infusion to help infuse skin nutrients for greater results at the time of service 

       $250 value. You will truly feel and see the difference.

Does your neck need some love? Get your neck for free each time when you purchase 3 for $2100
Dr. Tiffany highly recommends purchasing a package of 3 sessions which will include your neck for free. 

Eliminate Dark Circles with PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) 
PRF is an under-eye filler - a NATURAL aesthetic treatment that uses your own stem cells and growth factors (PRF) to help eliminate dark circles. 
Special Pricing- $900 for 2 sessions spaced 1-2 months apart

  • Get $90 off this treatment

  • Or bank $180 off your next medical aesthetic service.

Eye Rejuvenation with Plasma IQ Pen

Plasma IQ  is a minimally invasive wrinkle reduction treatment designed to revitalize the skin by using controlled plasma energy to create micro-injuries across the surface of the skin.

This stimulates the healing process, which in turn, tightens and lifts the skin for spectacular, younger-looking results.

Special Pricing
Upper and lower includes crow's feet - $800 

  • Get $80 off this treatment

  • or bank $160 off your next aesthetic service.

Ask about other areas too. 

Hair Restoration Package ...........$900 per session

Pkg. of 4 for $3200
Treatments are done one month apart for 6 months

  • 4 sessions of PRF injections into the scalp and 

  • Loaded IV Vitamin Therapy  FREE

Purchase any filler and get our Signature Facial for only $60 (reg. $225)

  • Lips- $850 with free Dental Block

  • Cheeks $750 / syringe (2-4 syringes)

Purchase 3+ syringes on same visit and get 10% off all fillers

Fat Melting  PCDC ...................................$550  (reg. $2100)

Do you have stubborn fat you can't get rid of no matter how hard you try? This permanent fat dissolving procedure is for you. 

  • Face/Neck

  • $550 per syringe (which treats one area)

  • $1100 for jowls (2 areas) 

  • Submental Chin Fat (Double Chin) 2 - 4 syringes

  • 25% off all sessions after the 1st session


Check Out Dr. Tiffany's Menu Of Services Here

Botox Treatment
sculptpod nano.jpg

Have You Tried The Sculpt Pod 

Lose Weight, Inches and Tighten Your Skin 

During a Sculpt Pod treatment, you will experience our 3-Step Patent Protected Process. 

Infrared heat and light are used to stimulate the body’s natural process of breaking down and releasing stored content in the fat cells.

While inside the Sculpt Pod, you will experience whole-body massage vibration to break down cellulite + stimulate the body to drain its fat cells naturally.

Infrared can assist with many wellness benefits; clients are experiencing pain relief, detoxification, weight loss & cellulite reduction, skin rejuvenation & relaxation + more. 


When you use a far infrared sauna for varicose veins and spider vein treatment, the heat from the sauna effectively dilates the veins (which is why your skin appears red after exposure to heat) and can help move intravenous blood and circulate it throughout your body diminishing the appearance of the veins.


Now only $79 for 3 sessions. First Time Clients Only

If you tried the pod and love it.......................we have a great special for you: 

  • 30 Sessions for $799. Hit Your weight loss goals in 30 Days!

  • New endless summer body package.

  • 21 Sessions and a Free 32 oz of our Hot Cream

  • Participating Locations Only. No Refunds, No Exchanges, No Transferring Sessions between people or locations.

To purchase pod sessions, go to or click here

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