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Difference between Body Sculpting & Cool Sculpting

Bodysculpting versus Cool Sculpting
Difference Between Bodysculpting & Cool Sculpting

Many people today are wanting to rid fat in their problem areas without having to spend time in the gym or have the perfect meals planned out. Luckily, with technology being so advanced now a days, there are many different types of procedures that will help make those areas no longer a problem. Although many people are aware of all the options, the struggle is trying to find the right procedure for them. (the struggle is really real)

The most popular procedures in the beauty industry today are body sculpting & cool sculpting (isn't that the same thing? lol). Many people do tend to confuse body sculpting & cool sculpting to be the same but although they are similar in some ways, they are very different.

Body Sculptiing Treatment

Body Sculpting is a process where a licensed technician uses ultrasound cavitation, radio frequency and lipo-sculpt to break down the fat cells permanently and painlessly. This process uses heat to rid and liquefy fat cells, completely removing them through your lymphatic system, which happens post-treatment and continues to do work over the next couple days. Treatments are just short of an hour and have absolutely no downtime!(So you're telling me I can even come on my lunch break?!) Best part of all is these treatments are non-invasive so you don't have to worry at all about going under the knife and are very cost efficient.

Cool Sculpting is a process where it will freeze fat cells(Brrrrr!), which effectively starts to kill

Coolsculpting Treatment

the fat cells and break them down. Once in effect the other cells will start to, in other words, eat the dead cells, consuming them so they can be removed from the body. Treatment times are roughly around the same amount of time in the chair as body sculpting but coolsculpting covers a small amount of skin so it is an hour per area you are wanting. Depending on how many places you want treated the time you are there can vary as well as pricing.

Body Sculpting and Coolsculpting are similar in the sense of helping clients lose inches in the part of body of choice they also are targeted to removing the fat cells permanently. Now knowing the difference and similarities between the two hopefully you will have an easier time deciding which procedure is best for you.

If you have any questions or want more information, we are always offering free consultations with a licensed technician and would love to assist you!

With Love & Radiance,

The Radiant Body Sculpting Team

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