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Top 3 Reasons To Choose A Clinical Facial Over a Spa Facial.

Clinical Facial? Spa Facial? What's the difference?

First things first. Clarifying the difference between a clinical facial vs a spa facial. I get this question asked all the time. Most people don't really know and you'll be surprise by the answer.

Facials in general are associated with pampering one's self after a hard days work because the two appear quite similar on the onset but a clinical facial offers much more advance expertise, technique, customization and technology not found in a spa facial. Then when you find a place that combines the best of both worlds, (like we offer), you'll never look a facial the same again.

# 1 Clinical Facials Target Skin Issues

Whether it be washing your face every night or just simply keeping it moisturized, you might think that's just enough until you begin to see blemishes, wrinkles, age spots and sagging skin.

At this point the damage is done and you'll need a clinical facial treatment that can target these issues and nourish the skin in order to reverse the damage and prevent future damage.

The aim of a clinical facial is to address skin problems, improve skin health and prevent skin issues. Fine lines and wrinkles can be softened, skin can be tightened, acne can be helped, rosacea can improved, and skin aging can be slowed down.

#2 Clinical Aestheticians Are Specifically Trained

Although spa facials are everywhere, and you've probably experienced the relaxing, cookie cutter type "spa facial", cleansing, exfoliating and massaging. It's great for well-being but not so much for getting the results you're looking for.

Clinical facials are performed by a specialized trained licensed aesthetician. During these facials they use advance treatment modalities such as radio frequency, galvanic current, LED, microderabrasion, chemical peels and hydration therapies.

A highly qualified practitioner is able to use all the tools, product ingredients and combine them in a way to get you results not just fluff

Anyone can read the labels and follow the instructions, but creating customized facials based on your specific needs takes specialized knowledge and experience not often found in a spa environment.

# 3 Professional Grade Skincare Products Backed By Science

Another great reason to get a clinical facial, is the use of professional grade skincare products use during the treatment and for after care.

These products are only sold to licensed professionals, have higher quality active ingredients with advance delivery systems to target and repair your skin issues.

They are formulated to penetrate to better and more effectively penetrate the skin. Therefore, it usually takes less product to achieve the results you desire which is a better value than over-the-counter products.

By investing in professional products now, you'll be taking a much better pro-active approach to taking care of your skin. In fact, you may be saving yourself from future issues down the road.

Here a Radiant Body Sculpting we offer luxurious style clinical facial that combine advance technologies such as galvanic and microcurrent to stimulate collagen and enhance the results of your facial.

No two faces are alike that's why we customized each facial to enhance your facial rejuvenation treatments and focus on your specific skincare needs. Our clinical facials are unique in that we combine a clinical approach to get results while giving you the pampering you deserve.

With Love & Radiance,

The Radiant Body Sculpting Team

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