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Rene is one of our owners originally from Rochester Hills, Michigan. She made the move to Orange County, CA in 1983 to provide a better life for her first born child. Rene is a very easy going and loving person, who is strong about her faith and always enjoys the little things. Rene and her business partner created this company to help men and women from all over to achieve their dream bodies with these amazing techniques.

"When I'm falling off the cliff, God will either catch me or teach me how to fly."

A quote by Rene

Image by Cassie Matias
Image by Michael Olsen


Emily is our lead technician, native to Southern California and the Orange County area. She has been a licensed Esthetician for six years and absolutely loves what she does. She has a magnificent passion for health and fitness which has led her to appreciate body sculpting on a higher level. Emily is a phenomenal fit to our team because of the positive energy she brings into the work place everyday. She always has a smile on her face and a great team attitude that we appreciate being surrounded with. Emily loves preforming treatments on our clients and is dedicated to building a great relationship so they know they are always in good hands.

"You only live once but if you do it right once is enough" -Mae West

A favorite quote of Emily's


Jessica is our Marketing Director & Assistant Technician, originally from the Bay Area and Dallas, TX for a period of time, but found the beauty in Orange County, CA when she made the move in 2019. Jessica has always been passionate about beauty and is attending school to become an Esthetician and can not wait to see what her future holds with her career. She is a fantastic fit to our team because she has a strong, loving, and intergenic personality, that we all love dearly. Jessica is dedicated to helping our clients achieve their dream body with the beauty of Body Sculpting.

"Life will always be a wild ride but as long as I have my seatbelt, I will be ready for the ups & downs."

A quote by Jessica

Image by Josiah Weiss
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